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It started with a vision of spontaneous communication. It's so simple to contact your friends and family with text messaging. Just type in a name and send a message.

But there's a huge limitation. Text messaging doesn't help you contact a business.

Do you have it in stock? Can I book an appointment? Can we get a table for 4?

You can call, but who likes making phone calls? They're time consuming and unpleasant. It's time to move on.

TalkTo decided you should text any business as easily as you text your friends. Get information, appointments or reservations without the hassle of a phone call, and get on with your day!

We pioneered the text-any-business space at TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 (video) and have been pushing hard to delight our customers ever since!

We are proudly supported by Matrix Partners in Cambridge, MA, and we're hiring!

Some businesses are faster than others, so TalkTo tracks responsiveness and plans to highlight the best responders. It's free for businesses to customize how they'd like to receive your messages going forward by going to

We launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco (video) and have been making life easier for consumers ever since.

TalkTo is headquartered in Cambridge, MA and venture-backed by Matrix Partners. We're hiring! Matrix Partners