Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What are the most common ways to use TalkTo?

    TalkTo makes it easy to get answers from nearby businesses. Most commonly, it's used when you'd rather not make a phone call or you can't find the information you want online, such as:

    1. Finding out if a store has what you're looking for
    2. Comparing prices
    3. Checking the price and availability of a service, such as dog grooming or an oil change
    4. Finding tables at your favorite restaurant
    5. Booking appointments for a haircut, spa treatment, or classes
  2. What is the TalkTo feed?

    The TalkTo feed lets you explore questions from other users and the answers they received from businesses. Questions you ask on TalkTo can also be seen by others in the TalkTo feed.

    Not all questions are included in the feed. The types of questions generally included will relate to shopping, such as pricing and availability of products and services. Questions about reservations and appointments are not included. TalkTo does not share your name or picture in the feed. For more information about your privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.

  3. Can I ask questions of any local business even if it's not registered with TalkTo?

    Yes! You can ask any local business in the USA and Canada a question even if it's not registered with TalkTo. You'll still get an answer, on average, within a few minutes if it's open.

    If you don't find the local business you're looking for, let us know at

  4. That seems impossible, how does it work?

    TalkTo figures out the best way to get an answer from the business you've selected. If needed, we'll even call them to get your answer. The beauty is that you don't need to worry about it, just send your question and get on with your day while TalkTo does the hard, unpleasant grunt work for you. It's nice to be a citizen of the 21st century, huh?

    Note: TalkTo does not currently route messages to government organizations, schools, libraries, and certain other non-commercial businesses.

  5. When will I get an answer?

    Answer timeframes will range from nearly instant if the business is online and ready to chat to slow if the business is closed for an extended period.

    On average you'll receive answers within 5 to 10 minutes if the business is open.

  6. How will I know when a business has answered?

    Turn on notifications in the TalkTo App to get push notifications on your phone. If you're using TalkTo on the Web, log in to configure notifications in your account settings.

  7. Are there any daily or monthly limits to the numbers of questions I can ask?

    You are allowed to ask up to 10 questions in a single day, and up to 50 questions in a month. If you need more, please contact us at for other options.

  8. What information is shared with businesses?

    If you ask a question to a business that is already registered with TalkTo, they can see your full message and can respond to you directly, in the same way a friend could respond to a text from you. Registered businesses can also see your name, picture and city from where you sent the message. Non-registered businesses will hear the content of your messages, but won't see your name, picture or city unless they register to do so.

    TalkTo Agents are able to contact businesses on your behalf to get the answers you need. They can see your questions, name, picture and city from where you sent the message, too. Agents will share your phone number with a business if you've given it to us for Reservations and Appointments. For more information about your privacy, please see our Privacy Policy.

  9. Can I use TalkTo to share personal banking and medical data?

    No, do not use TalkTo to share your bank or credit card details, social security numbers, medical information or other personal data. If a business requests this information from you, please call them directly. You can make those calls from within the TalkTo app itself.

  10. Can I also use TalkTo on the Web?

    Yes. Go to to sign up or log in with the account credentials you already used to create an account on your mobile device. Your questions and answers are kept in sync across devices so that it's easy to get answers wherever you are.